Magna Graecia: The Ultimate Resistance to Post-Modernity

The Coronavirus has proven the essentiality of the traditional mode of community and being, which can survive manufactured crises and transcend the entire capitalist paradigm By Alessandro Napoli We are in a moment of epoch-making transition in which concepts such &;

Voilée à Paris, non voilée à Alger !

Je ne sais pas si vous connaissez cet auteur allemand qui a levé le voile d'ignorance sur tous nos tourments en assimilant la vérité au dévoilement. Autrement dit la vérité vraie est toujours déjà voilée et il faut étudier bien longtemps pour apprendre et comprendre pourquoi il n'est pas bon de lui arracher son voile.

Je suis un animal domestique

J'ai appris à faire la vaisselle en me disant Que je dois pouvoir faire la vaisselle J'ai appris à faire la lessive en me disant Que je dois pouvoir faire la lessive J'ai appris à faire le ménage en me disant Que je dois pouvoir faire le ménage J'ai appris à faire la cuisine en me disant Que je dois pouvoir faire la cuisine J'ai appris  à faire de la philosophie en me disant

Lack of a Vision for America Is Hurting Democrats

Democrats and liberal pundits can’t seem to make up their minds whether their string of recent special election losses in conservative districts is a sign that they are doomed — or constitutes a bunch of moral victories. Here is a hint: Moral victors don’t get a vote in Congress. It is true that the Democratic candidates, who were not exactly the crème of the crop, outperformed expectations in deep-red Kansas, Montana, Georgia and South Carolina. On the other hand, Jon Ossoff and allied groups spent more than $30 million on the most winnable of the four races and still lost.

What Is the Endgame of the ”Resistance?”

Since the Women&;s March on January 21, protest and resistance to the Trump administration has been non-stop. Overall, it’s been directed less at policy than at Trump and other members of the administration. What’s the endgame of that effort?Longtime grassroots political organizer L.A.