Rich Klein

‘I Can Get the Pentagon to Vouch for Me’ – Michael Bay letter to the CIA

Michael Bay is well known for working closely with government agencies when making his films, mostly the Pentagon but also NASA.  Less well known is how he worked with the CIA to vet his script for the Benghazi movie 13 Hours, and how his request to film the

The Rebooted Designated Survivor: Sponsored by the CIA?

The soft reboot of the political drama Designated Survivor recently dropped on Netflix and in spite of Kiefer Sutherland making the least convincing president since Sarah Palin it is a considerable improvement on the first two seasons.

Profile: Richard Klein - Spy Culture

Richard Klein is one of the most important people in the entertainment industry that you have never heard of - a former State Department employee who now works for McLarty Associates - an elite Washington DC law firm - as their liaison to Hollywood.

ClandesTime 067 – 2015 in State Sponsored Movies: A Year in Review - Spy Culture

2015 was an important year in government-assisted entertainment. Several major franchises - the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Mission: Impossible - released their latest films. All of these enjoyed the involvement of government agents and agencies.