Media Silent as Protests Continue to Rage in France

Thousands of people Protested In Paris Against Austerity March 2016.

The French Youth & Labor Party are Angry about an Increase in Weekly Work hours and a Raise in the Social Security Retirement age.  

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Civil Unrest and the Violation of Civil Liberties

Shawn Carrie is a New York-based journalist who, while covering the Baltimore riots following the death of Freddie Gray, was shot in the head by a police pepperball and then arrested and held without being charged.

The Real Truth Of What’s Happening In Baltimore

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to on the ground journalist Tim Pool at the Baltimore uprising to get a full perspective on the entire situation. In this video we lay out the arguments occurring on both sides of the issue and how the media is making the situation worse.

Old Holborn: Waiting for that riot.

I mean, it's not as if Labour haven't tried. They have poked and prodded and needled and Tazered the sleeping beast of Britain and all they managed to achieve is to make it shift a little in its slumbers. The British still refuse to riot. So now our government has resorted to ordering us to do it. 'There will be riots this summer', they say. 'Your invitations are in the post and we expect you all to be there'. Weather permitting, naturally.