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Interview 1516 – Ron Paul on Ending The Fed

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett sits down with Ron Paul to discuss the coming end of the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul reflects on the End The Fed movement, explains the inevitability of the Fed's demise, and talks about what system may come along to take its place.

Ron Paul With Baby Liberty

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the birth of Liberty with the help of Constitutional LEGEND Ron Paul! Will baby Liberty grow up to challenge the establishment and be a champion of freedom across the world? Only time will tell.

Ron Paul On Donald Trump and The Deep State

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Donald Trump and the deep state with an interview with the former Presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul and journalist Andrew Meyer. Luke also talks about how the president faces off against the FBI and the release of the FISA memo.

A Ted Cruz Twitter Explanation, Rand Paul Summons His Father In Senate

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Ron Paul Bernie Sanders destroyed Audit the Fed Bill at the last minute

After working with Bernie Sanders for months on the Audit the Fed Bill, Bernie Sanders switched it at the last minute! Dr. Paul states he was so disappointed in Sanders and what he did could actually make things worse. Ron Paul regarding the Senate Audit the Fed bill:

Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening

SOURCE: Former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul says secession is happening and it’s “good news.” Paul later predicted the states would stop listening to federal laws.

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Libertarians- The Likely Kindling Point of the Coming Revolution?

Welcome to our third experimental episode of Probable Cause. I want to thank all of you who joined our interactive discussion in our previous two episodes. For this episode I am going to share with you my responses to the questions posed during our first episode: Do you believe we will have some sort of revolution here in the United States in the near future? If so, in your opinion, where will it come from? Which segment of our population do you see likely to revolt?

The Real 2012 Delegate Count for the Republican Primaries & Caucuses

Why "The Real 2012 Delegate Count""? The answer should be obvious. The mainstream media is simply not accurately covering the race for delegates in the Republican contest for President. In fact, if you watch network news you would believe that the Republican contest is over. It is not.

Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

And it%u2019s looking like he%u2019ll get the states he needs. Earlier this week in Iowa and Minnesota, Ron Paul%u2019s covert, submarine delegate strategy paid off. Iowa has 28 total delegates that it can award, and one of those delegates is the state chairman, a Ron Paul supporter. Paul also picked up 13 delegates from the state%u2019s nomination committee, which decided yesterday to go for Ron Paul. Weeks after the Iowa race was called for Rick Santorum, Paul%u2019s grinding delegate game has paid off, and at the very worst, he will earn half of Iowa%u2019s delegates.

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - Last Nail

Summary: Ron Paul Revolution Great speech by Congressman Ron Paul about the deteriorating state of our once great American Republic. Both parties now support endless foreign wars and aggression, unlimited corporate bailouts, the printing of money and devaluing of our currency by the Federal Reserve and bankrupting entitlement programs. Vote for Ron Paul so we can begin to restore America to the great beacon of hope and freedom it was intended to be.

Ron Paul wins first caucus; mainstream media calls it for Romney %u2014 RT

Not only does that decision inaccurately represent poll figures from the weekend, but goes against the formula the mainstream media relied on for other caucuses and primaries thus far this election year. Jack Hunter, a blogger for the Ron Paul campaign, writes that the media is “trying to have it both ways.” Although Congressman Paul had failed to achieve the most votes in any other state contest in 2012, he has developed an unorthodox strategy of collecting delegates in districts that have been awarded to his Republican Party rivals in terms of the popular vote.

Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucus

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30% of People Who Watch This Whole Presentation Change Their Vote

The video on this page shares surprising information about the candidates in the 2012 Republican Nomination process. Endorse Liberty is responsible for this communication.