Russ Baker

Russ Baker on Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen: Consigliere or Stooge?

In the original “Godfather” movie, Tom Hagen, the consigliere to the Corleone family, responds to a movie executive who has never heard of his law practice by saying “I have a special practice. I handle one client.” Vito Corleone reminds Hagen early on that “a lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.”In many ways Michael Cohen has served that role for Donald Trump. An undistinguished lawyer, his Russian and Ukrainian links from the earliest days of his career make him the perfect lawyer for Trump.

Russ Baker Talks Russiagate, the Media, and Much More

In this extensive interview on , host Ricky Varandas and WhoWhatWhy founder, editor-in-chief and investigative journalist Russ Baker discuss a wide range of pressing topics on the forefront of the public’s mind.They also happen to be topics that WhoWhatWhy has been covering for some time from a forensic angle, including election integrity, the mainstream media and disinformation, and the powerful interests behind US forei

Why it matters if Beyonce supports Hillary in 2016

   “I think that what Beyoncé’s power will do, as a feminist and as a public feminist and as a very public celebrity feminist, is that she’s going to push a lot of young women, just broadly, to look at Hillary”

Deep Politics for Lunch

deepRecently, a number of influential authors and researchers into the nature of democracy and the security state gathered for lunch at the home of Peter Dale Scott, who’s credited with coining the phrase “deep politics.”

TOR Radio: Boston Bombing Revisited, Ibragim Todashev’s Killer Revealed

TOR Radio &; Russ Baker joins us to discuss recent developments in the case of Ibragim Todashev, shot and killed in his Florida home during an interrogation by police and FBI. The FBI agent who pulled the trigger on Todashev has been identified, and we break down it means within the larger questions surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing.