Le con génital

Aujourd'hui c'est déjà demain. La science qui associe la biologie aux nouvelles technologies a désormais ton destin entre ses mains. Je vais te faire faire le chemin : Ta mère est enceinte de toi, elle vient de l'apprendre ce matin.

L’Affaire Lambert

Un légume qui fait pleurer les pierres... ou l'affaire Lambert ? Je cherche un titre pour embarrasser tous les pitres qui ont du mal à s'en débarrasser. On dirait que le destin refuse de se prononcer et  dire : c'est mon dernier mot Lambert !

Episode 354 – Solutions: Open Science

[audio mp3=""][/audio]In the face of the crisis of science, it is easy to throw our hands up and watch as the old guard of the scientific establishment circles the wagons and goes back to business as usual. But there are real solutions to these problems, and we all—scientists and non-scientists alike—have a part to play in implementing them.

Did Cheese Lead to Chatter?

A lot of human development stems from the leap from hunting and gathering to farming — how improved methods of growing food allowed us to concentrate on things other than hunting and gathering. Now scientists have linked that change in the way we ate to a change in our jaws, which in turn widened our vocabulary.Lots of languages have similar sounds in them — sounds that are easy for us humans to make, like the “plosives” p and b, and vowel sounds.

Interview 1424 – Andrea Saltelli on The Crisis of Science

[audio mp3=""][/audio]What is the crisis of science, and what does it tell us about the interface between science and policy? Is there a way to stop the debate over the crisis from becoming a political battling ground? And, if not, what does this mean for the future of science itself?

Discovered — A Previously Unknown Structure in the Human Body

This week’s video is a perfect storm of weird and wonderful, all squashed into a very matter-of-fact science explainer. There’s a dose of odd science in the form of an almost mythical-sounding procedure. It has helped researchers identify a previously unknown structure of the human body, just when we thought we knew everything there was to know.This discovery, in turn, holds hope for the improved treatment of a widespread disease and an often fatal medical event.

Pourquoi j’ai tout raté ?

Quant je monte ou descend une pente...Il y a une raison apparente et une raison non apparente. Quand je cesse de jouer et que je commence à tricher... Il y a une raison affichée et une raison cachée. Les faits sont ainsi faits : ils ont une raison d'apparaître et une raison de disparaître...

Science Fact — Harnessing the Cool of Space to Save the Planet

The US uses a lot of energy to keep itself cool — the same amount that the continent of Africa uses for everything. have at least one air-conditioned area, and then there’s all the industrial-level refrigeration that keeps food fresh, and industrial-scale data systems functioning.

Green-Blooded Lizards May Hold Key to New Virus Fighters

Recent findings about the lineage of a mystifying green-blooded lizard, a toxin-resistant amphibian prevalent in the rainforests of New Guinea, may aid the development of new antiviral treatments. Famous for its glossy, emerald coating, the prasinohaema lizard is a type of skink, and bears an unsettling resemblance to the offspring of a snake and a frog. A group of scientists ventured into the jungles of New Guinea to harvest DNA samples from 52 species of skinks, including six green-blooded varieties.


Être... tu m'entends ? Je sais que tu es là... je compte jusqu'à trois pour que tu quittes cet endroit sur le champ... sans m'opposer la moindre résistance... pour toi comme pour moi, c'est une question de vie ou de mort.

Massive Erie Snow Dump Facilitated by Climate Change

Record-breaking snowfall in Pennsylvania earlier this week turns out to be another symptom of the , according to government scientists, while President Donald Trump thinks global warming could help eradicate the current cold snap.

Peter Dale Scott on Enlightenment Values in the Age of Trump

On a panel at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Peter Dale Scott expressed concern about the decay of the US commitment to global peace and collective security, as shown in the recent expansion of unilateral lethal US strikes against terrorists, sometimes with no legal authority.

Interview 1175 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: a new survey sheds light on the crisis of science; Congress mulls a "counter propaganda" agency; and Apple patents new censorship technology.

Obama Starts Another War, Your Daily Uncensored News?

Alright, so I have one day before Defcon and BlackHat, so I decided on doing a new platform for sharing news that should be front page news but is not. Let me know what you think of it honestly and it gets a good response with good viewership we will do it everyday. Sources

Seuls les cyniques et les rampants peuvent se faire une place au banquet

Messieurs les jurés, Vous connaissez les faits dont je suis accusé : l’explosion de la rue des Bons-Enfants qui a tué cinq personnes et déterminé la mort d’une sixième, l’explosion du café Terminus, qui a tué une personne, déterminé la mort d’une seconde et blessé un certain nombre d’autres, enfin six coups de revolver tirés par moi sur ceux qui me poursuivaient après ce dernier attentat. Les débats vous ont montré que je me reconnais l’auteur responsable de ces actes.

Faut-il réviser l’Histoire pour appréhender la vérité ?

Difficile d’écrire aussi raisonnablement qu’un Spinoza. Une philosophie agencée suivant l’ordre géométrique ; une Ethique par delà toute cacophonie lyrique. Pourtant ce chef d’oeuvre de la pensée occidentale a malheureusement peu inspiré les hommes, plutôt enclins à justifier leurs errances par la kyrielle de fables saturant notre Histoire depuis ses balbutiements littéraires.

Psychologie des foules

La foule est conduite presque exclusivement par l’inconscient. Ses actes sont beaucoup plus sous l’influence de la moelle épinière que sous celle du cerveau. Les actes exécutés peuvent être parfaits quant à leur exécution, mais, le cerveau ne les dirigeant pas, l’individu agit suivant les hasards des excitations.

The Lost Papers of the Tesla Death Rays | Veterans Today

This lamp was so constructed so as to place a piece of matter such as carbon, or a diamond or a ruby, in the center, and bombard this “button” with electrical energy that would bounce off the button onto the inside of the globe and bounce back onto the button. If this were a ruby, and Tesla specifically worked with rubies, then is exactly how a ruby laser is created. Tesla refers in INVENTIONS to a “pencil-thin” line of light that was created with this device.

Israel Makes Waves by Simulating an Earthquake - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Scientists will then be able to fine-tune Israel%u2019s seismological equipment to give advance warning of earthquakes. Measurements will also be taken in other countries, including Cyprus, Greece, France, and Germany. Israel will create a controlled explosion of 80 tons of explosive material, which will simulate the intensity of a tremor after an earthquake of Magnitude 3. Natural earthquakes of a similar intensity occur in the Middle East region about once a week, without the public feeling them.

Rich 'may evolve into separate species'

"In the 1980s it was the personal computer - came out of the garage, changed the world. In the 1990s it was the web. The next big device to wander into our lives is robots,” he told the Sunday Times. "We may find we are absolutely dependent upon these electronic insects and that we don't even know we are dependent upon them until something breaks. "I sometimes wonder if the very rich can live, on average, 20 years longer than the poor. That's 20 more years of earning and saving. Think about wealth and power and the advantages that you pass on to your children."

"It's The Vaccines Stupid!"

A new study shows a direct link between standard childhood vaccination series, MMR, and autism-like symptoms in monkeys. The principal scientist involved in the study, Dr. Laura Hewitson of the University of Pittsburgh, presented the alarming conclusions as an abstract pending publication at the International Meeting for Autism Research. It has been presented at scientific conferences in both London and Seattle, USA.