An Independent Catalonia: Where Firefighters Are the Unexpected Heroes

Nick Hilden is a WhoWhatWhy freelancer who is covering Catalonia’s struggle for independence. Here are his thoughts from the ground on the events that have been unfolding in Spain. The future of Catalonia is uncertain following an unsanctioned independence vote, violent police actions trying to stop that referendum and massive rallies from supporters as well as opponents of a split from Spain.

Truth About Kurdish and Catalan Independence and a Vile UK Prime Minister Exposed

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings to the WeAreChange Sunday recap episode. We go over all the important news you should know about including the Catalan Independence vote. We don&;t distract you with CIA propaganda about the “Rocketman” or people kneeling. This is a big distraction that the mainstream media pushes on you.

Another Day, Another Country, Another Corporation Hurting Workers

You don’t expect to see a morality play about corporate power vs. workers’ rights unfold before your eyes while you sip a glass of red wine at an outdoor cafe in Madrid’s hip and lively Plaza Santa Ana. But that’s what happened to me when a worker protest shattered the calm of a mild fall evening in a spot beloved by both tourists and locals.It brought home the realization that the power of multinational corporations is global, affecting not only U.S. workers, but workers worldwide.

Police arrest ‘suicide bomber’ after Atocha train station in Madrid evacuated

Atocha station in Madrid (Reuters/Juan Medina)
Madrid’s Atocha railway station was evacuated after a man said he left his suicide vest on a train, Spanish media reports.