Steve Bannon

Why Is Steve Bannon Meeting With Him?

In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Jeffrey Epstein and two upcoming court cases the mainstream media is ignoring. However, the real question may be why is he meeting with Steve Bannon? Could it have anything to do with the upcoming mid-term elections?

The Truth About The Alabama Senate Seat And Zero Hour On Net Neutrality

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Doug Jones winning the Senate seat in Alabama, over the Steve Bannon and Donald Trump supported Roy Moore. We also go over the Net Neutrality repeal by the FCC and new revelations in the Russia probe investigation by the FBI, plus a lot more important news that you need to hear.

Weekly News Wrap-Up: FBI Creating False Right Wing Terror Plots

Welcome back all you amazing human beings. Today while the world anxiously awaits the latest comments from the ‘Flat Earthers ‘on the solar eclipse and the rest of the country prepares for civil war, some real news stories are happening that you should know about. That’s what we are going to cover today on our weekly news wrap-up called “What the Hell Really Happened This Week.”

REPORT: Trump Considering Firing Reince Priebus And Steve Bannon

President Donald Trump is considering another shake-up in his administration. This time he is debating on replacing his White House Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus and his chief strategist Steve Bannon according to Axios.