Where There’s Smoke, China’s ‘Great Firewall’ Douses the Fire

Reading Time: 8 minutesThe moment that my international flight landed in Shanghai, China, I tried out a new VPN service on my cell phone. I’d heard about the app while studying abroad; the company promised it could bypass China’s “Great Firewall” to access YouTube, Netflix, and other government-blocked sites with lightning speed.

Thought Control: US Monitors Social Media Activity of Visa Applicants

Reading Time: 15 minutesNew State Department rules, effective since May of this year, require applicants for visas to enter the United States to disclose all of their social media accounts, including those that use a pseudonym.

ClandesTime 197 – The Spycops Scandal

For decades undercover British intelligence officers have infiltrated almost every notable political movement in the UK. In this episode I talk to Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist who has written extensively about this topic.

Watchdogs Challenge Surveillance in Berkeley

Reading Time: 16 minutesAre the agencies and tools intended to combat international terrorism being used more broadly against US citizens?Ultra-liberal Berkeley, California, has been the scene of provocative demonstrations staged by right-wing groups in recent years that have sparked clashes with anti-fascist groups.And the Berkeley police secretly filmed the protests, using high-tech surveillance cameras equ

The DEA and Breaking Bad: Why Hank Never Tapped Jesse’s Phone

Despite its enormous popularity there are many problems with Breaking Bad - the utterly racist depiction of Mexicans, the glorifying of a sociopathic protagonist and that incredibly boring and pointless fifth season come to mind.  But what has never been discussed before is how the show functions as propaganda for the Dr