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After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Faces Indifference

More than 100 years ago, in September of 1899, a category 4 hurricane hit Puerto Rico, killing 3400 people. A headline in the revealed the attitude of the day: SUFFERING IN PUERTO RICO

A Visit from St. Donald

T’was the week before Christmas and up and down K Street lobbyists wept Because after a year of chaos, the GOP one promise had kept. They rewarded the Koch brothers and all their friends, Whose dark money checks now paid huge dividends. With a smack of his gavel and a look of gleeful delight Speaker Ryan stuck it to regular Americans and worsened their plight. The richest got gifts and the rest a surprise, As the individual mandate repeal will cause premiums to rise.

What Smart People Are Saying About the Tax Bill

Who the heck understands the tax bill? Maybe the lobbyists who wrote the legislation but certainly not the members of Congress who will vote on it. The dirty little secret of that body is they are usually too busy raising money or appearing on TV to actually read. Especially when the thing they’re supposed to vote on changes more often than the White House staff roster and is more than 500 pages long.So we thought we’d pass on a few of the more interesting insights and outrages that punctuated the great tax cut debate of 2017.

The Democrats’ Danger of Outrage Overload

On issue after issue, Americans reject the policies of President Donald Trump and his GOP cohorts in Congress. However, thanks to the Electoral College, shrewdly gerrymandered congressional districts, a distribution of Senate seats that favors small states that often elect Republicans, and deep-pocketed conservatives, the US has become a country in which what the majority wants has become irrelevant.