Ted Cruz

A Ted Cruz Twitter Explanation, Rand Paul Summons His Father In Senate

Welcome back amazing, beautiful human beings. I&;m seeing more YouTube channels being demonetized, terminated, and blacklisted so if you can please sign up on our email list. That way we have another way to contact you as I patiently wait for the inevitable next attack on our YouTube channel by the Google Alphabet CIA monopoly corporatocracy.

Expert Panel Flunks Republicans on Climate Science

When it comes to the subject of climate, going against science is a badge of honor for many Republicans. They seem to be trying to outdo each other in denying the conclusions of the vast majority of scientists — that climate change is real and manmade.That might work in a presidential primary, but not in a classroom. All but one of the GOP candidates would have to be held back a year — or, in the case of Ted Cruz, be sent back to kindergarten.Only Jeb Bush might have passed a climate science quiz — but just barely.

Bush v. Clinton — or Bernie v. Ted? How much of a choice do you want?

Imagine a substantive presidential contest: a general election pitting two people with major differences in their views and their visions for the future. Imagine the stimulation, the fireworks.Now consider what the establishment seems to prefer: a rematch of competing “moderate” dynasties. That is what appears to be in store. In an echo of 1992, another Bush versus another Clinton. And, if history is any guide, with Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex standing to benefit either way.To be certain, the Bushes and the Clintons differ in myriad substantive ways.