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Transcendent Warfare & Shamanism

© 2019 By Ronald Thomas West for profit &; mass paper media redistribution prohibited 3rd Edition Foreword his small work is a short explanation of the fundamental mistake or misapprehension of reality by modern thought.

The Rise of Christian Zionism – The Christian Evangelical Assault on Palestine

By Paul Antonopoulos &; CSS Project Director;  MENA and Latin America Research Fellow The Christian Evangelical Assault on Palestine Based in a Claimed Literal Interpretation of the Bible, Absent Genuine Religious Content &; resident of the United States, Donald Trump &

The Multipolar Revolution: Syncretic Perspectives – Part I

 By: Jafe Arnold From the Indo-Europeans to the &;New World&; he world’s diversity of cultures has successfully defied the “globalization” of the Atlanticist, Liberal, unipolar “End of History” scenario proclaimed in the 1990’s.

An overview of Syncretism in Russia: Orthodoxy and Sovietism

By: Padraig McGrath The Synthetic Public Ideology of Putin’s Russia The reconstruction of the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky is a microcosm of a broad social reality &; ituated adjacent to the Crimean Parliament building in Simferopol, the newly rebuilt Cathedral &;