Les enseignements du Premier tour des élections en Ukraine. Par Edouard Vuiart

L’acteur de télévision Vladimir Zelenski est arrivé en tête du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle en Ukraine avec 30,2% des voix. Il affrontera le président sortant Petro Porochenko lors du second tour, le 21 avril prochain.

Greenback Snowjob, Kill List, Creepy Biden – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: the Intercept shutters the Snowden archive; American journalist asks to be taken off Trump's kill list; and Gropey Joe Biden has a Ukraine problem, too.

Interview 1434 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: the Intercept shutters the Snowden archive; American journalist asks to be taken off Trump's kill list; and Gropey Joe Biden has a Ukraine problem, too.

Recognition of Ukrainian Church Increases Risk of War With Russia

This past weekend marked a new escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine — from a surprising quarter. As much of the Eastern Orthodox world celebrated Christmas, the world head of the Orthodox Church officially recognized the independence of the Ukrainian church from Russia. And Russia is not happy about it.

La volte-face des médias institutionnels au sujet des néonazis ukrainiens. Par Daniel Lazare

Source : , 05-07-2018 Les médias institutionnels américains qui ont passé des années à rejeter le rôle des néo-nazis dans le coup d&;État ukrainien de 2014, sont soudainement en pleine conversion, comme le rapporte Daniel Lazare.

MH17 abattu en Ukraine : le missile provenait d’une unité militaire russe

Une mise à jour des connaissances sur le drame du MH-17 Espérons que l&;enquête, non encore totalement terminée, permettra d&;établir toutes les responsabilités, et de comprendre comment tous les évènements se sont déroulés

The American Lobbyist Who Undermined a Democracy

Recent in a Ukraine courtroom have shed new light on US special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Prosecutors in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev have filed a court motion against Viktor Yanukovych, a Ukrainian politician closely allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chernobyl: The Nuclear Disaster That Helped Destroy a Regime

When the Chernobyl nuclear accident rattled the world and destroyed the myth of safe nuclear power in 1986, Serhii Plokhy was a young history professor who lived downwind from the power plant. Soviet leaders reflexively covered up the deadly incident but were forced to reveal some information because Sweden and other countries detected radiation from the releases at Chernobyl.Today, Plokhy is professor of Ukrainian history and director of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard.

La collusion américaine avec les néo-nazis, par Stephen F. Cohen

Source : , 02-05-2018 Les néo-fascistes jouent un rôle important, officiel ou toléré, dans l&;Ukraine épaulée par les USA Par Stephen F. Cohen 2 mai 2018

Michael Cohen’s Still-Missing Ukraine Background Info

The BBC has that Michael Cohen, perhaps Donald Trump’s closest lieutenant for many years, took money for introducing the Ukrainian leader to the US president.

[No News] L’icône de Maïdan, Savchenko, affirme qu’un haut responsable ukrainien “a commandé des snipers dans le centre de Kiev”

Encore un bel exemple d&;une no news&;
La députée ukrainienne Nadezhda Savchenko, qui a été saluée comme une héroïne pour son rôle dans la campagne militaire du Donbass et son procès en Russie, est maintenant accusée de complot en vue de faire sauter le parlement national à Kiev.

Secret War: Vladimir Putin’s Ghost Army Inside Syria

In this Newsbud report, we will examine what has been referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s shadow army, or Putin’s ghost soldiers, who played a significant role in the Ukraine conflict. Downing a Ukrainian military plane full of paratroopers, carrying out combat operations and conducting assassinations. This shadow army is currently on the ground inside Syria, but the Russian government is denying any involvement. The full report is exclusively available for members at nonmembers can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

Interview 1338 – Engineered Crises on Radio Fault Lines

[audio mp3=""][/audio]From the Middle East to Eastern Europe, there's no shortage of engineered crises on the geopolitical chessboard these days. James Corbett joins Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Radio Fault Lines to put these crises into their historical perspective and discuss his recent work on How To Engineer A Crisis.

Exposing the Dirty Deeds of Ukrainian Oligarchs

With money looted from the state and stashed in tax havens abroad, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych bought the largest log cabin in the world — a $2 billion “monument to corruption,” according to an investigation by Al Jazeera.Through dozens of contracts and court filings, Al Jazeera reporters mapped the circuitous route Yanukovych took to funnel $1.5 billion worth of assets to offshore businesses.

Episode 327 – How To Engineer A Crisis

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Are you a dictator in need of public support for your latest draconian clampdown on dissent? Or a deep state plotter hoping to topple a foreign government who doesn't comply with your every wish? A low-level Machiavellian schemer looking for the ultimate trick for defeating your enemies without lifting a finger?

{BBC} Des doutes sur les déclarations du sniper italien à propos du Maïdan en Ukraine

Si les médias français ont fort peu bougé, des médias britanniques et allemands ont enquêté sur le reportage de la télévision italienne sur les snipers de Maïdan, diffusé il y a 15 jours. Il en résulte de sérieux doutes sur la crédibilité de certains témoins, et donc sur le professionnalisme du reportage. Soucieux de votre bonne information, nous vous les soumettons.

Entretenir plus de bains de sang en Ukraine, par James W. Carden

Source : , 14-10-2017 Aux USA, les libéraux qui haïssent la Russie et les néoconservateurs se joignent pour viser à plus de guerres en Ukraine, alors que les perspectives de résolution pacifique et rationnelle s&;étiolent, explique James W. Carden.

NATO Incites Ukraine to War against Russia

In the forty-fifth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Izvestia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, and Pravda. He discusses the exclusive frontpage interview by the former Afghan president Hamid Kharzai, sharply critical of the U.S. president Donald Trump, in the pro-government Izvestia. In addition, he chronicles the U.S. Secretary of Defense James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’ visit to Ukraine and how the U.S. and NATO are planning out total political and economic isolation of Russia.

Another One Bites The Dust: Russian MP Denis Voronenkov Shot In Ukraine

Another one bites the dust as Russian MP Denis Voronenkov was assassinated in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street in Ukraine.

An overview of Syncretism in Russia: Orthodoxy and Sovietism

By: Padraig McGrath The Synthetic Public Ideology of Putin’s Russia The reconstruction of the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky is a microcosm of a broad social reality &; ituated adjacent to the Crimean Parliament building in Simferopol, the newly rebuilt Cathedral &;

Contact Lines: An Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter

By: James Porrazzo &; US Political Advisor to CSS, Founder of New Resistance pen Revolt is always pleased to feature the work of revolutionary journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter.  Recently, our own James Porrazzo had the chance to talk about recent world &;