Does Andrew Yang Support Jewish Supremacy?

Journal-January 25, 2021 (Andrew Yang) 1.      Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York City.  He will be remembered for his smooth performance during the Democratic presidential primary, when he projected Coolness and Competence.  Judging by a recent statement of his published in the Jewish Forward, the third of his defining traits will henceforth be ethnic Panderer.  (CCP also stands for Chinese Communist Party, but let’s not go there.) 2.     Yang’s statement reads:

BREXIT UPDATE 61: Brexit, COVID and the Price of Fish: Guest Post by Deborah Maccoby

BREXIT UPDATE 61: BREXIT, COVID AND THE PRICE OF FISH What has happened to the Internal Market Bill, which the UK government admitted – indeed almost boasted &; broke international law, albeit “in a very limited and specific way”?  (see Brexit Updates 59 and 60).

Green War (December 10, 2020) by Yutaka Yokoyama

November 18, 2020 UNFASHIONABLE NEWS New York Times reporter Sarah Kliff (on Twitter):
&;Astounding: a woman giving birth in the United States is ten times more likely to die than a woman giving birth in New Zealand.&;

Green War (November 20, 2020) by Yutaka Yokoyama

The Green War Archive – November 20, 2020

Compiled and annotated by Yutaka Yokoyama (yokoyama10[at]gmail[dot]com)
November 8, 2020
MSN/The Weather Network (Canada):

Collapse of The 2020s – A Positive Course of Action

Mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis initiated a socioeconomic chain reaction that has only begun to play out. This story has a silver lining; a chance to make the world a better place. But it has to start with an honest assessment of how we got here, and point to a positive course of action.

BREXIT UPDATE 60: The Internal Market Bill: the Second Reading: Guest Post by Deborah Maccoby

BREXIT UPDATE 60: The Internal Market Bill: the Second Reading Last Monday (September 14), the Internal Market Bill underwent its Second Reading (which is really its first stage; the First Reading is just its brief formal introduction to the House).

Birdwatcher’s Corner (7): Welcome to the World

By Nico Arcilla and Maren Hackmann-Mahajan Whatever we may be going through in these turbulent times, new life is all around us as we move into autumn, and many young birds are making their first migration. We dedicate this edition of Birdwatcher’s Corner to all those caring for new life, and to young birds in particular, with their courage and resilience that belies their fragility.

BREXIT UPDATE 59: The Internal Market Bill: The Brexit Drama Resumes: Guest Post by Deborah Maccoby

BREXIT UPDATE 59: The Internal Market Bill: The Brexit Drama Resumes It’s so long since I wrote a Brexit Update and the row that has now broken out is so complicated that it is useful to start with a recapitulation of the plot so far in relation to Boris Johnson’s deal with the EU. Boris’s Deal:  the Plot so Far

A Friend Replies to a Correspondent

A correspondent wrote to Norman Finkelstein, who forwarded it to a friend of his.
I will forward this to an Indian Hindu friend of mine for his opinion.
Professor Finkelstein, I would first and foremost like to thank you for all the work you’ve done; it’s had a great effect on the lives of both myself and my friends.

“Courtroom at Risk”: Assange Trial Abruptly Halted After US Attorney Exposed to COVID-19

During the fourth day of resumed Julian Assange extradition hearings the judge has unexpectedly halted proceedings due to one of the lawyers possibly being exposed to coronavirus. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said the London hearing has been adjourned until at least next Monday, pending the US government&;s attorney awaiting results of a COVID-19 test.

“Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen”: Imminent Eviction Wave is Coming!

The eviction moratorium  last Friday nearly four months after the US economy effectively shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than 12 million renters &; all behind on rent payments because of the virus-induced recession &


Well I awoke this morning to the moans and groans not from what is happening around the world but from a mother cow giving birth to her young calf - this is one of the daily sounds that abound whilst living next to a large dairy farm out here in the English countryside. The noise [&;]