But the Comedian in his Banana Republic War Gear Isn’t a Joke

COVID Mission Accomplished as Global Treaty Looms - #NewWorldNextWeek

[iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/jrQ10Yj3nOFv/" width="90%" height="320" allow="fullscreen"] This week on the New World Next Week: fake news stories emerge from Ukraine; British steel shows the way toward absolute zero; and it's COVID Mission Accomplished! as the global pandemic treaty draws near.

How to Overthrow Governments – The Color Revolution Formula – Final Messages Part 3

In this video we're going to provide specific instructions on how to overthrow governments with little or no bloodshed. These tactics have been employed successfully in Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and elsewhere. The existence of the Color Revolution approach is well known, but most writings on the subject are highly abstract and obscure the details. The level of civil disobedience that brings down governments is dangerous, and usually illegal. Those who go down this path risk prison time or even death.

How the Revolution Begins – Final Messages – Part 2

The shortages and supply chain collapse that reared their head in 2021 escalate in 2022. This is a logistical certainty. The chain reaction set off by the mandates is just beginning. The corporate media and the politicians don&;t want to talk about the blockades by port workers and truckers or the rebellion brewing among the...

My Farewell Announcement

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Does Andrew Yang Support Jewish Supremacy?

Journal-January 25, 2021 (Andrew Yang) 1.      Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York City.  He will be remembered for his smooth performance during the Democratic presidential primary, when he projected Coolness and Competence.  Judging by a recent statement of his published in the Jewish Forward, the third of his defining traits will henceforth be ethnic Panderer.  (CCP also stands for Chinese Communist Party, but let’s not go there.) 2.     Yang’s statement reads: