As Cities Rumble and the Economy Burns, Democrats Need to Stop Fiddling

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Attention Democrats: It’s time for less talk, more action. When it comes to strategy for defeating President Trump, Democrats of all stripes are remarkably unified. But two pressing issues can’t wait until November: violent demonstrations and pandemic-related financial assistance.

Summertime and the Living’s Uneasy

Reading Time: 5 minutesAt the halfway point, 2020 is shaping up as potentially the worst year for Planet Earth since an asteroid strike (inexplicably not shared on social media) wiped out the dinosaurs and 75 percent of all other creatures. What else could go wrong? Surely, some things could go right.

Cue the Soup Kitchens

Reading Time: 5 minutesApart from the alarming speed with which COVID-19 has overtaken the world, the most stunning thing about the crisis is how quickly it has made an economic depression of 1930s severity a real possibility, something few if any economists imagined just a month ago.