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Order Out Of Chaos With Unite The Right, Proud Boys And H3H3

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Jason Bermas to discuss the latest breaking news including the Unite The Right rallies in DC and Charlottesville, the H3H3 controversy and the true identity of the Proud Boys.

Kylie Jenner Just Slammed Vaccines

Kylie Jenner is a big deal on Instagram and Twitter. Being honest, I don’t know all that much about her other than she has a reality TV show and indulges in lots of selfie taking. That’s life far removed from my own. But Kylie may have just taken her life a step closer to a lot of ours. Kylie posted an anti-vaccination meme, and the Internet lost it’s collective mind (in an appalling way of course).  

Alabama lawmakers introduce sex offenders castration bill

Scalpel MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama lawmaker has a plan to permanently and physically punish someone convicted of certain sex offenses against children. The bill, known as HB 365, would make those sex offenders have to get surgically castrated before they leave prison.

“Capitalism v. Socialism for Dummies”… This Is Brilliant

for-dummies-7501-470x252 The simplest explanations are often the most correct, as is with this simple explanation for socialism. With the campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for president, the backgrounds of the two men clashing have inspired a conversation about the economic identity of the United States.

Secret police? Virginia considers bill to withhold all officers’ names.

Police-State-2013-460x292 It started with a reporter’s attempt to learn whether problem police officers were moving from department to department. It resulted in legislation that is again bringing national scrutiny to the Virginia General Assembly: a bill that could keep all Virginia police officers’ names secret.

The NYPD is Spying on Your Cell Phone and It’s Worse Than You Thought

New York City, NY — The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has revealed that the New York Police Department has been using cell-site simulators, also known by the brand name Stingray, since at least 2008. This marks the first time the NYPD’s cell phone surveillance program has been made public.