Extortion and Money Laundering Land Dictator’s Daughter in Jail

Reading Time: 6 minutesTASHKENT, Uzbekistan — A president’s daughter gets an important government job, becomes an omnipresent style icon, a businesswoman (whose success depends upon rampant labor abuses among other things), and philanthropist, and looks to a future in politics. Sound familiar? 

The New Great Game Round-Up: December 15, 2014

Uzbekistan- India Welcome "Pariah" Putin with Open Arms, Setting the “Right Priorities” in the South Caucasus & More! *The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region. We document the struggle for influence, power, hegemony and profits in Central Asia and the Caucasus region between a U.S.-dominated NATO, its GCC proxies, Russia, China and other regional players.