Billionaires 4 COVID, FBI Busts FBI, Fake Rebels – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: the rich get richer off of the COVID scam; the FBI foil their own terror plot (yet again); and fake musical rebels cash in on Orange Man Bad.

Don’t Want To Be Injected? TOO BAD!

In this video, we give you an update on mandatory injections and global lockdown news. Follow us on Telegram: Sign up for our newsletter:

Really?! Police Arrest Lockdown Critics While Instigating Fights With BLM!

In this video, we cover the hypocrisy and party politics involved in the policing of protests in the United States and particularly in New York.

They’re FREAKING OUT Over What Trump Said About The Flu!

They’re Not Telling The Truth About Trump’s Health!

Trump Tests Positive On Full Moon 33 Days Before Election! What’s Going On?!

In this video, we break down the official story of Trump testing positive and explain the continuity of government system in the United States.  

Coup 53, Palantir Public, Market Manipulation – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: MI6 involvement in Iran coup finally confirmed; Palantir goes public as police state ramps up; and JPMorgan found guilty of market manipulation.

China Promotes Global Authoritarianism As 600 Million On Move For Revenge Tourism!?

In this video, we cover how Chinese authoritarianism that is promoted by Bill Gates is spreading as the cold war between China and the United States heats up.

IMPORTANT Things You’re Not Being Told About Trump’s Tax Returns

Buckle Up! Election Chaos May Spiral Out Of Control

In this video, we cover how there is an increasing chance the 2020 election results will be contested and how the U.S. is spiraling out of control.