Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in America

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhile the number of murders and abductions of indigenous American women has dramatically increased over the past two decades, there does not seem to be a parallel increase in the desire to find out what is behind this alarming phenomenon.In order to provide an intimate look at the Native American victims in this crisis, Al Jazeera, a media network owned by the Qatar government, produced

Nuclear Disarmament: A Solution Not Being Offered

Reading Time: 5 minutesIran’s decision to stop complying with parts of a landmark nuclear deal, and North Korea’s new round of missile tests have the world talking about the possibility of nuclear war again.In light of the devastation these weapons cause, it defies logic that such a war is ever a possibility.

Immigrants! Who Needs Them?

Reading Time: 2 minutesImmigrants appear to be everywhere in America and, according to the two videos we present, this is not a bad thing. The narrator of the first one offers an engaging, well-documented overview of migration movements around the world, the way they are used by politicians, and their fate in the past and present.

L’épopée du Casabianca

Source : , 2014 Ce film de Christophe Muel a été produit par Kilahom Productions, France Télévions, France 3 Via Stella et Histoire, avec la participation du CNC. Il a reçu le soutien du ministère de la Défense (SGA/DMPA).

An Empire Built on Beer

Archeologists have been researching how an ancient Peruvian empire was so successful that it lasted for centuries — and it turns out the answer is&; beer.With his team at the Field Museum in Chicago, curator discovered a site at Cerro Baúl in

Why Is Big Oil Bankrolling an ‘Environmental’ CO2 Capture Company?

Scientists are constantly working to solve problems, and by far the worst is one the human race itself has created — climate change due to global warming.

Why We Should Maki Cows Eat Seaweed

A diet rich in red meat is bad for the planet, not just an individual’s small colon, as — according to some estimates — livestock production accounts for the same amount of global carbon emissions annually as the .

Gaël Giraud : Tsunami financier, désastre humanitaire ? Par Thinkerview

Source : , 20-03-2019 Gael GIRAUD : Chef économiste de l&;Agence Française de Développement.

Table-Ronde de l’X sur le Transhumanisme (avec Laurent Alexandre)

Nous vous proposons cet intéressant débat, car il y a eu beaucoup de polémiques (pas toujours intellectuellement honnêtes) sur les propos de M. Alexandre. Sans doute n&;apporte-t-il pas les bonnes réponses, mais le problème, lui est hélas bien réel&;

No Blind Mice: Hope for Humans Too

Hopeful news this week for millions of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), as scientists released results of an easy-to-administer gene therapy that has already helped blind mice see.Scientists at the , genetically