Conférence des éconoclastes (Sabatier, Béchade) et de Pierre Conesa à l’École de Guerre

Source : , 09-01-2019 Diffusion en direct jeudi 9 janvier à 20h : Les Éconoclastes ont l’honneur de participer à une conférence dans le cadre des « Évènements de l’École de Guerre ».

The New York Times’s Odd Plane-Strike Video

Reading Time: 3 minutesUpdate: Iran admitted on Saturday that it accidentally shot down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752. It initially denied involvement, as reflected in this article, published on Friday.

Mean Streets: America’s Poverty Spiral

Reading Time: 3 minutesImagine this. You can barely hang on to your low-paying job. You have a terrible toothache — you can’t afford a dentist — but you still try to do the work. One day, you come down with the flu, but you work anyway. Your flu turns into pneumonia and you’re taken to an emergency room. You miss many days of work and, because you are paid by the hour, you lose money.

The US Is Falling Apart in More Ways Than One

Reading Time: 2 minutesInfrastructure. The very word is as gray and crumbly as concrete. Though it means many things to many people, it often conjures images of torn-up sidewalks, bumpy roads with potholes, twitchy railroad tracks, and aging bridges on the verge of collapse that tremble when you blink.

Passing the Smell Test: How Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer

Reading Time: 4 minutesA dog’s nose is such an awesome, complex, powerful instrument that NASA, working with Einstein and Tesla, couldn’t replace it with billions of dollars of equipment.With their noses, dogs can actually

Interdit d’interdire – Polanski, Adèle Haenel, Ligue du LOL, etc.

Source : ;Interdire, 04-12-2019 Polanski, Adèle Haenel, Ligue du LOL, etc. : le tribunal médiatique est-il justifié ?

Quartier Libre – Laurent Jeanpierre : « Comment les Gilets jaunes réinventent la politique »

Source : , 13-11-2019 Aude Lancelin reçoit Laurent Jeanpierre, professeur en science politique à Paris 8, et auteur de « In girum. Les leçons politiques des ronds-points », pour un grand entretien.

A Medical Miracle: Stem Cell Therapy for a Catastrophic Spinal Injury

Here is a story from the wondrous world of regenerative medicine and surgery — an emerging field that gets more exciting every day. It is full of mysteries, surprises, heartbreak, and what some would call “miracles.”Chris Barr, a 53-year-old from Lafayette, CA, seems to have experienced such a miracle. His story begins with a devastating, nearly fatal accident: