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Election Advocates Eye Florida Fixes for 2020

The 2020 presidential race could come down to Florida. But unless drastic changes are made, election advocates believe the next presidential vote count in the Sunshine State will be yet another mess.

League of Women Voters Gets Trump Bump

The League of Women Voters is experiencing a surge of new blood, new resources, and new energy. But it is the League’s “old” values that are attracting new members. Values like nonpartisanship and integrity, civility, and a refusal to be bullied.

Finally, Help Arrives to Streamline Chaotic Voting Rights Restoration Process

Willie Mack found out by accident that he could register to vote. He had been filing a change-of-address form at the local department of public safety when, to his surprise, the agent helping him asked if he wanted to register to vote. Given his record of past criminal convictions, Mack asked if he could. The woman helping him confirmed, so Mack filed the paperwork.

Florida Needs a Better System to Restore Felons’ Voting Rights, Judge Says

Many of the 1.6 million disenfranchised felons in Florida may be one step closer to being able to vote thanks to a ruling from a federal judge. Earlier this week, US District Judge Mark Walker ordered Gov. Rick Scott (R) to devise a new system to restore convicted felons’ right to vote by April 26.The court order from Walker requires Gov.

WhoWhatWhy Launches Election Integrity News Feed

The Washington Post would have you believe that “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” which is the slogan the paper adopted following the election of Donald Trump. It sounds nice but, with all due respect, it’s complete nonsense. US democracy isn’t dying in darkness, it’s been getting slaughtered in broad daylight — and not enough is being done to stop this from happening.

The Coming Voting Rights Battle: Access vs. Accountability

For many years, the voting integrity community has grappled with the question of how to accommodate voters with disabilities without making elections less secure. There might finally be a solution on the horizon.One-sixth of the American electorate — — is disabled.

Oklahoma — a Red State — Signs Voting Rights Agreement

At a time when many red states are seen as curbing access to the ballot box, something surprising has been happening in one of the reddest of states — Oklahoma.But first, let’s look at what should have been happening all along, according to the law: The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) stipulates that state agencies that provide public assistance must ask clients whether they want to register to vote, offer them voter registration materials, and help them complete registration forms.However, when voting advocacy groups checked with Oklahoma’s public assistance agencies, it found that not