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"Dear, it would seem that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is being idiotic again. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had gotten a call from the Coast Guard (USGG) that a large wave is heading here and the entire state is to be evacuated, but I also just read that the Customs and Border Protection asked the border patrol to stop anyone who wishes to leave by request of the Secret Service! Apparently this takes the Secure Border Initiative (SBI) and makes it apply to state borders now"

IF THIS DOES NOT TRIGGER A REVOLUTION, THEN YOU ARE ALL PUSSIES! As An Encore to Bailing Out the Big Banks, Government to Backstop Derivativees Clearinghouses %u2026 In the U.S. and Abroad | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Now, consider that since 2008 the American people have told the US Government not to use taxpayer money to backstop Wall Street's recklessness. Had DC allowed Wall Street to take their lumps from the mortgage-backed securities fraud and fail, to be replaced by more responsible financial leaders, we would already be headed out of this mess the way Iceland is.


So, I thought it might be appropriate to list some of the many other times in history that religious fanatics of all kinds have decided the world was about to end, what they did about it, and what really happened to those who followed them when the world did not end as scheduled.
belle job. j'aimerais avoir du temps pour traduire.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! "History will eventually show that while nations with private central banks will often create wars for profit, absent those wars they cannot compete economically with nations that have avoided private central banking." -- Michael Rivero
I like "what really happened". I've discovered it shortly after 911. Perhaps the same day. Always good and critical spirit. Hope the guy will stay open to anything and continue asking good question.

U.S. placed Iran nuclear issue on pressure track | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

And General Petraeus, one other little matter I might mention at this time. The Symington Amendment to the US Constitution stipulates that no aid of any kind can be given to any country with nuclear weapons which is not a signatory to the NNPT, and refuses to allow IAEA inspections. As the world knows, based on the revelations of Mordechai Vannunu in the late 80s, and confirmed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Jimmy Carter, Israel has nuclear weapons, will not sign the NNPT, nor allow IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities.